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Time series data is the new crude oil. The Trendalyze Partner Program enables you to create new opportunities with your clients in this new, emerging age of analysis.

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Become a Trendalyze Partner

Include Time-Series Analysis as a new offering, facet of an engagement or part of your service / solution offering.


  • Reseller:
  • Expand vertical selling opportunities
  • Finance, IoT, Retail, Healthcare, Utilities
  • Consulting:
  • Expand vertical selling opportunities
  • Enhance productivity of client teams
  • OEM Consulting:
  • Strengthen analytical features of software
  • Embed Trendalyze with extensive API’s
  • Independent Resellers:
  • Create new selling opportunities
  • Commissioned sales plan available
  • Academic & Institutional:
  • Enhance on-going research activity
  • Discover new breakthroughs


  • Free Software:
  • Unlimited access to demo platform
  • Unlimited training by specialists
  • Marketing Support:
  • Unlimited use of marketing materials
  • Co-branding of collateral as needed
  • Go-To-Marketing:
  • Strengthen analytical features of software
  • Embed Trendalyze with extensive API’s
  • Starter Packages:
  • Light-weight packaged solutions
  • Vertical demos (data + scripts)
  • Academic & Institutional:
  • 80+ self-directed videos
  • User manuals, training scripts, FAQ’s

Platform Partners

Trendalyze is an Oracle partner under the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) program. The Trendalyze platform is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) IaaS and has been optimized for DenseIO and GPU virtual machine.

Trendalyze is an official Microsoft partner and vendor. The Trendalyze platform is available on Azure and has been integrated with Azure IoT Suite which includes Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Protocol Gateway and Azure HDInsights. We are actively working with Microsoft on the deployment of environmental monitoring with IoT/sensors and climate data analytics.

Trendalyze was originally funded by the European Union under an FP7 grant. Trendalyze was developed using FIWARE Cloud and the Cosmos big data (Hadoop), Cygnus (Flume) and Orion Context Broker (NGSI) components. Trendalyze platform was deployed on FIWARE for an eHealth project using data from NHS England.

Trendalyze is also available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where the platform has been integrated with S3. A HIPAA compliant Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution has been deployed on AWS in the United States with DN Telehealth through a HIPAA business associate agreement.

Solution Partners

Trendalyze has partnered with DN Teleheath to develop a HIPAA compliant remote patient monitoring solution.

Trendalyze is working with Zones UK, a Microsoft IoT partner, on IoT solutions delivery based on the Azure IoT Suite.

Trendalyze is working with Scalefocus to resource and deliver IoT projects in the UK, USA and Bulgaria based on the IBM and Microsoft platforms.

Academic Partners

Trendalyze is working with University College London Department of Computer Science to apply the Trendalyze platform to the analysis of data from surgical robotics in endovascular surgery. This leverages Trendalyze for advanced visualization and analytics using spatio-temporal dynamic warping algorithms.

Developing symbolic pattern search, trend forecasting methods and interfaces for business decision making. This project focuses in designing methods that rely on the analysis of a symbolic description of business data, based on morphological characteristics. The methods will be designed to extract meaningful information from the symbolic representation for pattern search and trend forecasting, in order to support decision making tasks in business.

Trendalyze works with the Science and Technology Facilities Council and IBM UK to integrate sensors and apply advanced visualization and analytics to data from a IoT campus including weather station and solar panels. Solution developed with the IBM BigInsights for Hadoop and Node-RED.

Trendalyze works closely with the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) with big data technologies – Spark, Scala and R. This includes a final year graduate course, intern program and full time employment for CS graduates. Sofia University is acknowledged as world leader in mathematics and computer science.

Trendalyze is working with University of Liverpool as the commercial partner for the Liverpool Environmental Application Framework (LEAF) and supporting the Internet of Things/Sensor Data Analytics for Climate Data (IoT-SDA4Climate) research project. This applies spatial and time series database technology and advanced analytics to issues of climate change, public health, solar energy and environmental monitoring. Solution developed with Azure IoT Suite and HD Insights.

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