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Our partners are our family. Together we enable businesses all over the world to unlock the value of time series data and achieve better business performance.


If you are a Business Intelligence or an Analytics software reseller, Trendalyze is great complement to those systems. By analyzing and monitoring for patterns, we help companies to avoid costly mistakes or to reap extra margins and revenues.


If you develop custom algorithms and machine learning modules and vertical solutions, Trendalyze offers a great platform to distribute and monetize your software. Such synergies always lead to greater customer value and wider adoption.


If you are consulting company specializing in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data, with Trendalyze you can expand your opportunities because time series data is the fastest growing data with the largest impact business optimization.


If you are a software application provider, you may OEM Trendalyze and embed it directly into your application to monitor for patterns that impact business decisions in IoT, transactional, behavioral, event, and other sequence-based data.