IoT analytics can improve every aspect of business operations and yet many companies continue to refrain from adopting it. The reasons are numerous and can range from sheer volume of data, uncertain results, high upfront costs of custom software development, to complex methods of analysis.

Seeing the tremendous benefits of loT analytics, we embarked on a journey to create simpler approaches and tools for professionals who monitor processes and equipment to manage outcomes. We created a motif discovery platform to help discern time motifs and search for similar ones in order to validate intuitive choices, find and understand underlying causes, and, quickly set up monitoring to manage outcomes. Our product is intended to empower many professionals who do not have data science degrees or time for lengthy statistical data modeling. We help users to find motifs that unlock the value of time patterns and thus drive them to succeed in their industry.

In less than two years, we have built a platform that scales to millions of devices powered by IoT sensors. During this development, we tested the premise of our platform with healthcare (EU and UK National Health System – NHS), environmental monitoring (Liverpool University and Science and Technology Facilities Council – STFC) and condition based maintenance of turbine engines (Lockheed Martin for the US Navy). We were selected by the EU, STFC, and University of Liverpool to participate in funded programs in order to test the platform and concepts with real world data and use cases.

How We Monetize Micro Trends

Embedded Sensors

Companies embed sensors and software in every machine, device, and process in order to track equipment operations, environmental and other conditions, and human and animal behaviors.

Granular Data Collection

Companies collect data on a very granular level (typically milliseconds, seconds, or minutes) to capture the precise footprint of every operation, action, or status change.

Micro Trends Discovery

Trendalyze powerful and scalable algorithms sift quickly through massive amounts of granular data and pinpoint micro trends that give professionals insights how to improve their business.

Forecasting & Monitoring

Trendalyze micro trends forecasting and/or monitoring in real-time allows managers to be agile and take actions quickly to save costs, prevent events, or capitalize on other trend shifts.

The People Who Make It Possible

The Team

Dr. Rado Kotorov

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Rado Kotorov is a co-founder of Trendalyze who holds a PhD in decision and game theory from Bowling Green State University. He has numerous publications on business and technology and has co-authored a book on Organizational Intelligence with Gerry Cohen, founder and CEO of Information Builders Inc. Rado is passionate about discovering new approaches, methods, and technologies for more granular analytics as a means to drive more scientific discoveries and better business outcomes.

Rado has held various executive positions in finance, marketing, product and innovation management at DeBacker Management Inc., ClubMom Inc., and Information Builders Inc. Under his leadership, his teams have delivered an innovative POS and financial platform, a highly scalable campaign and micro segmentation platform, a new reporting format for emailing self-contained interactive reports and dashboards, the first relational database search for business intelligence, the first web-based AJAX ad hoc reporting tool, the first integration of R into a BI platform, and other.

He holds a number of US patents and speaks frequently at industry events on how data and analytics can drive innovation, new business models, new revenue streams, and higher organizational performance.

Dave Watson

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Watson is a Co-Founder of Trendalyze, who holds a number of UK and US patents and has led engineering in database middleware, OLAP and time series databases.

Dave held executive and development management positions with Informix Software (IBM), ASK Group/Ingres (CA/Actian) and iWay Software. Under his leadership, his team delivered OEM software for IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, BEA and PeopleSoft. Furthermore, he has delivered large scale time series databases and bond portfolio analytics projects for investment banks in London and Wall Street. Lastly, he has delivered solutions in healthcare globally for NHS, APHP and VA.

He speaks at number industry events including IoT Things Expo, NoSQL Now, MongoDB Europe, Gartner, IDC, TDWI, VLDB, DB/EXPO, Google, Bearingpoint, Fujitsu and IBM/Informix user groups. Dave holds first class honors degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Bristol.

Ilian Petrov

Global Business Development Director

Mr Ilian Petrov brings more than two decades of global business development, investment, trading and advisory experience across traditional and alternative financial assets. He has built new distribution markets for innovative financial products; managed and advised on multi-million dollar investments across developed and emerging markets; structured and sold customized solutions for institutional and affluent clients while employed at Barclays Capital, Merrill Lynch Bank of America and a number of boutique Wall Street firms. Over the past few years, his interest has shifted toward information technology and its transformative impact on financial services. In his spare time, Ilian is an avid cyclist and motor biker, an outdoors enthusiast and a global travel adventurer. He is keenly interested in foreign affairs, human rights and sustainability.
Mr Petrov holds a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.

Miguel Heinonen, MBA

Global Marketing Director

Miguel oversees all the marketing and outreach activities at Trendalyze. Prior to joining the team, he has been an advisor for a multitude of B2B SaaS solutions ranging from healthcare to software discovery platforms.

Miguel graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and received his MBA in Global Business Administration.

Lorant Szabo

Global Lead Financial Solutions

Lorant Szabo is an influential payments industry leader with 18 years of experience in the areas of data analytics, finance, strategy and extensive knowledge of the North American and European payments ecosystem and related technologies.

Lorant designed and under his leadership his teams implemented innovative solutions for different business problems leveraging the big data captured in card payments. He delivered various presentations on related topics at the International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence & Decision Support Systems section and conferences organized by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, Pricing and Revenue Management section.

Dr. Susan Schneider

Scientific Advisor

Susan’s primary research focus is on the nature of the mind, AI, ethics, and cognitive science. Her most recent publications are on superintelligent AI, the nature of thought, the mathematical nature of physics, and whether the mind is a program. Her work has been mentioned in The New York Times, Wired, Science, Big Think, Nautilus, Smithsonian, Discover, and many more.

Susan is a faculty member at the Department of Philosophy Cognitive Science Program (University of Connecticut), and is also affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), YHouse think tank (New York), Ethics and Technology Group at the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics (Yale), Center of Theological Inquiry (Princeton), and other.

Matt Lerner


Matt Lerner, CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner), is an experienced product leader with 10+ years of experience in Reporting & Analytics. At Information Builders, he was the Head of UX, Competitive Research, and End User tools. In this role he led the modernization of their product & Product Team spearheading efforts in Dashboards, Data Discovery, and leading their transition to Agile Development. In 2014, he joined Booker Software (acquired by MindBODY in 2018) as Director of Reporting and Analytics Products, where he transitioned their Reporting Platform from informational reports to actionable analytics. In 2015, he transitioned into a larger role that included a focus on User Onboarding, Billing, Security, and CRM. In addition to the product areas he is in charge of Matt is a leader on the team focusing and refining the Booker Product Development Life Cycle.

Dr. Danail Stoyanov

Scientific Advisor

Aside from his role at Trendalyze, Dan is a senior lecturer within the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL). He also leads Surgical Robot Vision Group. His research interests and expertise include surgical vision and computational imaging, surgical robotics, image guided therapies, and surgical process analysis.
He is a committee leader for computer assisted surgery and healthcare at MICCAI and IPCAI. Furthermore, he is a deputy editor for the International Journal in Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery and an assistant editor for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. He holds a first class honors in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering at King’s College London. He earned his PhD in Computer Science at Imperial College London, specializing in medical image computing.

Evangelos Mazomenos

Scientific Advisor

Evangelos B. Mazomenos is a Senior Research Associate at the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Surgical and Interventional Sciences, University College London where he works on pioneering autonomous intelligent systems for optimizing surgical interventions, diagnosis and delivery of healthcare. His research interests broadly include surgical skills and workflow analysis, computer vision in computer-aided interventions, biomedical informatics and surgical robotics. He holds a Ph.D. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK and an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Patras, Greece.


Thomas Wisniewski

Managing Partner at Newark Venture Partners (NVP)

Tom Wisniewski is a Managing Partner of Newark Venture Partners (NVP), a $45M venture capital fund based in Newark NJ focused on Seed/Series-A investments in B2B software start-ups. NVP leverages the resources of its fund investors--Audible, Amazon, Prudential, D&B, among others-- to help scale its portfolio investments. NVP invests both directly into Seed/Series A rounds, and via the NVP Labs Program, all based in its state-of-the-art co-working space co-located with Audible in downtown Newark.

Tom’s professional career began as a software engineer at Morgan Stanley, followed by several years in investment banking (1987 to 1991). After business school, Tom joined a start-up management consulting firm, the Mitchell Madison Group, that was a spin off from McKinsey. At MMG, he focused on the intersection of Strategy/Operations/IT for financial services, tech, private equity/VC clients (1993 to 2000). The firm grew from start-up to over 1000 professionals and 15 offices and was sold to USWeb/CKS in early 2000. Following MMG, Tom joined Walker Digital, an internet incubator run by Jay Walker, founder of Priceline. During much of the next decade, he advised VC and PE firms on portfolio company turn-arounds, and evaluating new investments. On two occasions, Tom joined the management team of the companies he was serving, to lead turn-arounds and major company expansions.

In addition to NVP, Tom is a Partner of RosePaul Investments, his family office, which has a portfolio of 30 seed stage tech investments as well as 12 VC fund investments. He is a board director of New York Angels, a seed investment group and a frequent speaker at tech-start-up events. He holds a BA in Physics and Philosophy from Clark University, and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.

Lynn Duffy

Investor & Active Advisor

Lynn has spent over 25 years in the IT industry executing strategy and performance across ERP, Business Intelligence and Product Development domains with a focus on sales, business development and consulting. Her previous organizations include PeopleSoft/Oracle, BellSouth/ATT, GEAC/Infor and several large Healthcare organizations. Startup and Execution of various strategic initiatives, outsourcing and general IT project and people management make up Lynn’s portfolio of expertise. She is most known as a trusted advisor to clients in an advisory capacity around current IT trends.

Lynn is a proud alumni of LSU, and enjoys football, baseball, camping, hiking and swimming.

Ivaylo Guenov

Investor & Active Advisor

Ivaylo is an experienced technology leader with a strong background in strategy, business development and implementation leadership. He has served as an IT executive advisor to Fortune 500 companies and developed consulting practices for companies such as Deloitte. Ivaylo was a founding partner in a number of successful technology start-ups including Telispark, Concord, and LogicalFactor headquartered in the U.S.

Invest In Trendalyze

Visual Micro Trends Exploration: Engineers monitoring equipment performance, physicians examining patient electrical bio-signals (EEG, ECG, etc.); marketers studying consumer behaviors; financial specialists looking for market trends; all of these professionals know immediately if a trend is important and requires action or further investigation. The challenge they all have is how to quickly identify the interesting micro trends in the vast amount of data. Trendalyze offers highly specialized interactive visualizations and search functions to pinpoint micro trends in time-series data with just a few clicks.

Micro Trends Search: Google invented word search to help people navigate and find relevant information within billions of web pages. Trendalyze pioneered micro trends search to enable professionals to understand and control the trillions of smart devices and sensors that collect very granular time-series data on processes, machines, human behaviors and conditions, retail and banking transactions, environmental conditions, smart cities, and many more. Micro trends search makes it possible to identify cases and learn quickly which patterns lead to outcomes that we want to control.

Monitoring and Alerts: Micro trends reveal patterns in the data that lead to specific outcomes that professionals want to manage in order to save costs, prevent undesirable events, or profit from shifts in trends. Our users can select micro trends of interest and configure real-time monitoring dashboards and alerts in order to take pro-active actions. Many real life situations are complex and require multi-sensor monitoring. In these cases, professionals can set up and monitor for correlated trends and receive alerts when all of the monitored micro trends co-occur.

Platform Strengths: Granular analytics and search gives professionals incredible power to research and manage outcomes. A physician can spot a unique data pattern in an individual patient data. An engineer can discover a particular machine failure pattern in an oil refinery. Search scales the “eye” of the professional to discern and watch for similar cases among thousands of patients and millions of sensors. Trendalyze gives you scale and an effortless way to go from analysis to a monitoring application to monetize your time series data.

"The mind, basically, is a pattern-seeking machine…We tend to seek patterns… and then we tell stories about them."

Stephen Jay Gould

We do not believe that there is such thing as an average patient, an average machine failure, or an average anything. When evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould was diagnosed with cancer with an average life expectancy of 8 months, he refused to succumb to the statistics. He continued to live for 20 years and wrote 17 books. Reflecting on his experience, he said, “Variation is the hard reality, not a set of imperfect measures for a central tendency. Means and medians are the abstractions.”

The more granular data we collect, such as sensor data captured every 10 milliseconds, the more we see that the averages obfuscate much richer reality. When we adapt new analytics approaches that derive actionable insights based on individual cases, we can solve more health problems for more patients and improve operations of more machines in more diverse environments. It is our quest to deliver new approaches that are also intuitive for millions of professionals and are scalable for billions of devices.