Trendalyze is a valuable asset in the fight against Covid-19

Trendalyze is an essential tool in understanding patient vitals associated with Covid-19.

Trendalyze and Patient Vitals

Patient vital signs are forms of time-series data.  Detecting anomalies and interesting patterns can help better understand the coronavirus. For example:

  • Compare patterns of blood oxygen levels in patients undergoing respirator or drug treatments to understand how different patients react to treatments
  • Discover correlations between heart-rates, respiration rates, O2, body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., and other time sensitive patterns
  • Find patient cohorts with similar response patterns to treatments

Our Involvement To-Date

  • Responded to calls from UCL / European effort for time-series related technology
  • Joined Covid-19 Healthcare Technology Coalition
  • Outreach to Government officials WW
  • TRND Research Assistance Program

Trendalyze Research Assistance Program

  • Trendalyze available at no charge to healthcare groups, public health agencies or others using patient vitals to understand covid-19
  • To learn more and request access to the platform click here.
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