Scalable Search and Monitoring
Platform for Micro Trends

What Business Users Do:

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Pinpoint valuable micro trends (motifs or anomalies) interactively or with machine learning.


Search to discover similar micro trends in millions of time series to identify all actionable cases.


Set up monitoring dashboards and alerts for micro trends occurrences to enable real-time decision making.


Predict the future with trend Intelligence, machine learning or deep learning to capitalize on opportunities.


Traditional statistical modeling requires expensive data scientists, a long modeling process and custom monitoring development.  It is expensive and inaccurate with a high cost of false positives.


Reveals granular insights instantly without modeling.  It leverages machine-based shape analysis and matching to make the process intuitive and simple – especially for the business user.


We Will Find Monetizable Micro Trends

We developed the first self service platform for the business professional to explore and gain insights from time series data, and monetize them through setting up monitoring dashboards and real time alerts. Micro trends discovery used to be done by experienced data scientists who created complex models. Not any more!

We invented a Google-like SEARCHING and MATCHING for similar micro trends in large volumes of data that is simple and easy to use.

Target Users

  • Businesses Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Medical Specialists
  • Marketers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Scientists / R&D
  • Citizen Data Scientists

Our People

  • Solve big problems
  • Create and innovate
  • Care for the customer
  • Talented scientists
  • Passionate developers
  • Exceptional Support

Our Difference

  • Self-service TS analytics
  • Micro trends discovery
  • Google-like trends search
  • Prediction and forecasting
  • No modeling required
  • No data scientists needed
  • Data and device scalable

Awarded Grants

  • Microsoft Research/Univ. of Liverpool – IoT climate data analytics
  • FIWARE/FP7 – remote patient monitoring in health care
  • MedCity/ERDF C2N – computer assisted surgery with UCL

How We Monetize Micro Trends

What Companies Do

What Trendalyze Adds

Embedded Sensors

Companies embed sensors and software in every machine, device, and process in order to track equipment operations, environmental and other conditions, and human and animal behaviors.

Granular Data Collection

Companies collect data on a very granular level (typically milliseconds, seconds, or minutes) to capture the precise footprint of every operation, action, or status change.

Micro Trends Discovery

Trendalyze powerful and scalable algorithms sift quickly through massive amounts of granular data and pinpoint micro trends that give professionals insights how to improve their business.

Forecasting & Monitoring

Trendalyze micro trends forecasting and/or monitoring in real-time allows managers to be agile and take actions quickly to save costs, prevent events, or capitalize on other trend shifts.

Visual Patterns Exploration

Granular time-series data is like DNA. It contains the root causes of everything but extracting insights from such data was hard. Our Motif Explorer™ workbench is built for the business professionals who do not have data science degrees or time for lengthy statistical data modeling. It is a business analysis tool like Excel, but its UI’s, workflows and analytic methods are specifically designed for patterns exploration rather than for tabular manipulation of data.

Micro Trends Search

Search helps people find relevant information within billions of web pages. Similarly, with micro trends search business professionals get instantly meaningful, actionable insights from vast amounts of granular data collected from processes, machines, human behaviors and conditions, retail and banking transactions, and more. Search allows business users to maximize the value of insights by pulling all similar cases from seemingly unwieldy haystacks of data.

Correlated Motifs Search

Businesses collect multiple measures and attributes about processes, events, and conditions in order to better understand and control outcomes.  Frequently one or more motifs are correlated within or across measures and dimensions. Business users can visualize and interact with the data to identify correlated motifs. They can select various ways of co-occurrence and search to find other co-occurrences across millions of time series.

Micro Trends Libraries

Today, many financial trading strategies are based on chart patterns: See an evolving pattern, act on it! Yet, this is hard as the eye can see only so much. In Trendalyze users can build collections of patterns, define business strategies for each one, and monitor and act on their occurrences. Patterns provide more information for decision-making than KPIs. A summarized KPI does not specify if the trend behind it normal, going up, or going down.

Monitoring Dashboards

Trendalyze dashboards are easy to build and customize by the professionals who will use them to monitor events and make decisions. Engineers can monitor millions of sensors, physicians can oversee the ECGs of hundreds of patient’s; financial professionals can hunt for trends in thousands of assets across multiple exchanges, etc.  No matter what you are looking for and how big the data is, our search will bring only the most relevant micro trends to you.

Usability and Scalability

Today business have to cope with BIG data, BIG number of devices and processes collecting data, and BIG number of metrics to monitor. Business users need to be able to go from data ingestions to analysis and monitoring in a seamless way to monetize the insights quickly and cost effectively. This requires a tightly coupled architecture, uniform metadata, integrated workflows and consistent UIs across all tools, coupled with extreme scalability.

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data