Monitor the digital heartbeat of your operations.

Extract and monetize critical occurrences from your data through Motif search.

TRND is an AI self-service platform for business users to discover, search for and predict pattern occurrences in time series data.


Easily identify meaningful data patterns signaling action.


Search for recurring patterns at scale across all data.


Monetize quickly through predictive recommendations and actions.

See It In Action!

Search & Monitor for Motif Occurrences

Trendalyze offers the most intuitive way to discover and analyze motifs in time series data.

Visually explore time series data.
Search for correlated patterns.
Select and search for matching patterns.
Find anomalies.

Why Trendalyze? Because The Digital Heartbeat Matters.


In the digital economy, sensors collect the heartbeat of all business processes and events. With Motif search business users can instantly find monetizable patterns.


Time series patterns reveal what the averages miss. Trendalyze finds them quickly and easily - allowing you to make quick, accurate decisions.


Compress machine learning turnaround from months to minutes. Our micro pattern search engine does the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your business.

Ease of Use

Fast and easy discovery of patterns through intuitive, interactive visualizations and Google-like search for similar and dissimilar patterns. See anomalies or recurrences.


Create and share motif libraries for collaboration across the enterprise. Leverage pattern-based strategies to optimize processes and drive profitability.


Trendalyze does not just find needles in haystacks; it constantly analyzes and monitors all needles to present the most relevant information.

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data