Search & Monitor Micro Trends

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data

Do you collect time stamped data?
Manage the future with micro trends monitoring and accurate predictions.
Do you know that there are hidden opportunities in your time series data?
Profit from the discovery of valuable micro trends in your time series data.

Search for Motifs
in Time Series Data

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Pinpoint valuable micro trends (motifs or anomalies) interactively or with machine learning.


Search to discover similar micro trends in millions of time series to identify all actionable cases.


Set up monitoring dashboards and alerts for micro trends occurrences to enable real-time decision making.


Predict the future with trend Intelligence, machine learning or deep learning to capitalize on opportunities.

Monetize Your Time Series Data

Monetize the value of your time series data through our platform’s AI and machine learning capabilities, which empowers business professionals to search and monitor for micro-trends and take actions to save costs or optimize revenues.

With easy to use, highly interactive visual exploration tools powered by machine pattern detection, business professionals can quickly find the micro trends that lead to outcomes they want to understand and manage.


Highly scalable infrastructure and innovative metadata management allows the platform to ingest massive volumes of time series and IoT data and search for micro trends across all business dimensions.


When business professionals set up monitoring dashboards and alerts for particular micro trends, the platform searches continuously for their occurrence across millions of devices, sensors, or transactions.


The Trendalyze platform gives organizations the power to improve outcomes, save costs, and optimize revenues based on the discovery of micro trends captured in huge volumes of very detailed data.


Trendalyze Motif Search Is Similar To Google Word Search….


Do you want prediction? Expensive data scientists, long modeling process and custom monitoring development make it prohibitively expensive. Not to mention accuracy problems and the high cost of false positives.


Our innovative platform leverages machine based shape analysis and matching to make the process intuitive and simple for business professionals to do it themselves. Monitoring and predicting can be setup with no need for modeling.


We will find monetizable micro trends

We developed the first self service platform for the business professional to explore and gain insights from time series data, and monetize them through setting up monitoring dashboards and real time alerts. Micro trends discovery used to be done by experienced data scientists who created complex models. Not any more!

We invented a Google-like SEARCHING and MATCHING for similar micro trends in large volumes of data that is simple and easy to use.

Target Users
  • Businesses Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Medical Specialists
  • Marketers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Scientists / R&D
  • Citizen Data Scientists
Our People
  • Solve big problems
  • Create and innovate
  • Care for the customer
  • Talented scientists
  • Passionate developers
  • Exceptional Support
Our Difference
  • Self-service TS analytics
  • Micro trends discovery
  • Google-like trends search
  • Prediction and forecasting
  • No modeling required
  • No data scientists needed
  • Data and device scalable
Awarded Grants
  • Microsoft Research/Univ. of Liverpool – IoT climate data analytics
  • FIWARE/FP7 – remote patient monitoring in health care
  • MedCity/ERDF C2N – computer assisted surgery with UCL
The Business Value of Microtrends / Motif Discovery

The Business Value of Microtrends / Motif Discovery

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Mining Time Series Data

Mining Time Series Data

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How Motif Discovery Works

How Motif Discovery Works

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Motifs Search Is Like Google Search

Motifs Search Is Like Google Search

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Motif Discovery Is Easier Than Machine Learning

Motif Discovery Is Easier Than Machine Learning

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