Analytics for Product Design Testing

From sensors to analytics to better products:

Trendalyze visualization and automation tools empower product designers  to sift through large volumes of test data to optimize their designs.

Mission Profile Testing

DIY operational data analysis for performance anomalies and flaws.

Understand the performance metrics collected from real operating conditions. Compere performance across different mission profiles. Perform reliability growth analysis on the collected data.

Reliability Testing

Extract valuable insights from your discovery, margin, HALT and life tests data.

Understand the different patterns of component fatigue and failure by analyzing data from mixed failure mechanism.  Compare how different acceleration factors impact product reliability.

Design Sensitivity

Analyze benchmarks and design gradients based on system dynamics response.

Whatever product you are designing, you need to compare the response signals to changes in various input and configuration parameters. Finding easily anomalous or recurring patterns provides instant insights for design decisions.

Robustness Validation

Identify range patterns to achieve lower ppm-failure rates.

Understand the patterns that reveal the root causes for changes in the probability that a component will perform in accordance with expectations for a predetermined period of time in a given environment. Transition from detection to prevention.

Trendalyze helps designers optimize fresh food shipping packages.

When people run out of ideas what to cook, they order online a meal kit to be prepared at home. The recipe and the fresh ingredients come in the mail. COVID-19 has turned online food shopping into an even bigger trend, and it is expected that shipments of fresh food will continue to grow.

“Fresh” is the key word and the main challenge for packaging engineers. Putting the right amount of ice and insulation in each package that ships to different destination is the secret to keeping shipping costs low.

Trendalyze area-search AI finds insights in mission profiles instantly.

Engineers want to understand the overall BTU in the package along the entire rout given varying environmental conditions. Sensors collect internal BTU and ambient temperatures data, as well as other factors and metrics impacting package health. Being able to search and compare BTUs along different rout segments and different packaging configurations allows to design golden standards and automate packaging decisions in logistics centers. Trendalyze patten libraries are used to automate decisions about package configurations for different foods, weather conditions and routs.

Monitor container shipments with Trendalyze real-time dashboards.

When the stakes are high real-time monitoring provides the right assurance and control over the shipment. Trendalyze monitors and alerts professionals about anomalies on any scheduled interval – seconds, minutes, hours. It tracks performance along any number of dimensions and performs correlated searches to minimize false positives. Trendalyze leverages sets of patterns configured in artificial logical networks to predict potential failures that can spoil the goods. Whether you want to monitor an individual package or a large container, Trendalyze will alert you about what and where it is happening.

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data