Analytics for Retail Merchandising

Comparative Data Analytics for Improved Sales and Margins

Trendalyze AI empowers planning and merchandising teams to filter and find relevant visual patterns in sales and inventory data to optimize their product mix.

Performance Optimization

Managing Best/Worst Sellers – Be Smarter Earlier

Understand min/max models like current trend relative to LY and plan, evaluate pre-emptive model adjustments for predictable surges in business, and review gross margin $$$ contribution per day.

Monitor DAS and DOI suggest most likely candidates for early markdowns, social media campaigns, and email marketing blasts.

Branch Store Management

Compare/Challenge Staffing & Inventory Efficiencies

Understand sales per man-hour per store.  Are we overstaffed, or understaffed?  How can I compare sales/hour/employee in my top 10 stores?

Analyze and evaluate WOS/DOI data, by classification, for all stores in specific regions to determine if I’m overstocked or understocked, with appropriate On Order.

Merchandise Planning

Powerful Mix Optimization

Analyze early season testing and selling to optimize product content for peak season demand.  Find the data trends that give quick insight to Time and Action calendar planning down to supply chain level implementation.

Deep-dive into Gross Margins to compare different rates of dollar contribution at different IMU rates and different rates of sale.


Manage Risk to Increase Sales and Profit 

Trendalyze gives you the confidence to manage content by making the timing and dosage of risk apparent and actionable .  Make risk your friend and put it to work to increase UPT and money in the bank.

Only Trendalyze puts the power of data pattern recognition into your hands by allowing the segmenting of basics and fashion into a focused plan for each and every region and store.

CSS Electronics CAN Loggers

Full CANedge1 and CANedge2 support for all engine data analysis and monitoring.

The CSS CAN data loggers collect CAN data (incl. ODBII, J1939…) that tracks every operation of the engine and every interaction of the vehicle operator. The granular data provides the DNA of the Engine operations and the fingerprints of the operator’s driving patterns.

The CSS CAN loggers combine ease-of-use with cutting-edge specs and powerful configurability. They are easy to install (plug & play), 100% CAN bus ready, completely configurable, WiFi enabled, very compact to fit easily in the vehicle, and are optionally WiFi enabled.   The granular timestamped data can be processed in Trendalyze for analysis or streamed via APIs for real time monitoring.  Loggers are compatible with practically all vehicles and engines – cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, tractors, ship engines, etc.

Trendalyze search-based AI instantly pulls the valuable nuggets from CAN data.

Users can easily extract critical signals to make decisions and take action.  Create motif libraries and continuously learn about new patterns to fine-tune operational performance.

Move from guessing what might be best to knowing what is best, by building and utilizing powerful predictive logical networks. Our Google-like search uncovers anomalies, traces recurring patterns, searches for similar patterns.  Most importantly, you can search for correlations between different measures to pinpoint the leading signals to any event.