Diagnostics Monitoring of Vehicle Performance

From sensors to analytics to action:

CSS Electronics & Trendalyze end-to-end IoT solutions for automotive data analysis and monetization.

Engine Diagnostics

DIY sensor data analytics for engine health and performance assessment.

Conduct comprehensive component, cross-module, and systems analysis with ease.  Uncover root causes, correlations and critical signals at intervals that empower you to be proactive, not reactive.

Fleet Management

From preventative maintenance, to fuel economy optimization and driver profiling.

Trendalyze puts the power in your hands to get cost over-runs under control and run your fleet efficiently and economically.  Need to optimize your routes too?  We’ve got you covered.

Driving Audit

Conduct real-time driving audits to determine compliance to your vehicle operation standards.

Whether you’re a fleet manager, rental company, or a leasing company, you need to keep close watch on driver habits and performance.  Trendalyze can automatically flag driving patterns that lead to higher fuel consumption and wear and tear.


Your CAN Loggers record every heartbeat of every engine’s operation.

Granular CAN data (e.g. OBDII, J1939) is the new gold because it contains the root cause of all events.  With Trendalyze you can build valuable libraries of individual or correlated signals to sell to manufacturers, service providers, and consumers.

CSS Electronics CAN Loggers

Full CANedge1 and CANedge2 support for all engine data analysis and monitoring.

The CSS CAN data loggers collect CAN data (incl. ODBII, J1939…) that tracks every operation of the engine and every interaction of the vehicle operator. The granular data provides the DNA of the Engine operations and the fingerprints of the operator’s driving patterns.

The CSS CAN loggers combine ease-of-use with cutting-edge specs and powerful configurability. They are easy to install (plug & play), 100% CAN bus ready, completely configurable, WiFi enabled, very compact to fit easily in the vehicle, and are optionally WiFi enabled.   The granular timestamped data can be processed in Trendalyze for analysis or streamed via APIs for real time monitoring.  Loggers are compatible with practically all vehicles and engines – cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, tractors, ship engines, etc.

Trendalyze search-based AI instantly pulls the valuable nuggets from CAN data.

Users can easily extract critical signals to make decisions and take action.  Create motif libraries and continuously learn about new patterns to fine-tune operational performance.

Move from guessing what might be best to knowing what is best, by building and utilizing powerful predictive logical networks. Our Google-like search uncovers anomalies, traces recurring patterns, searches for similar patterns.  Most importantly, you can search for correlations between different measures to pinpoint the leading signals to any event.

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data