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How Amazonian Competition Is Cannibalizing Retailers

Let us face it! Today all retailers are engaged in brutal Amazonian competition. This is not just a survival of the fittest. This is a survival of the few most fit for the new economic reality. The first movers are winners that take it all. Fast seconds are being fooled by old successes. Micro trends analytics is fueling the hyper-growth of the winners. More

Micro Trends For Behavioral Loyalty Rewards Programs

Behavioral loyalty programs critically depend on the appetite of their members to earn points and redeem rewards. The more members earn, the more committed they are to the program. However, the habit of earning points is hard to form and not as stable over time. Micro trends discovery, also referred to as motif discovery, tracks consumer behaviors over time and applies machine profiling techniques to discover and monitor behavioral patterns that can be monetized. More


84% Churn Detection Among High Spenders In Gaming

Churn prediction of high spenders is a key focus area for any online business. The two key issues here are timing – how early can churn be identified, and the accuracy of these predictions. The current landscape is inclined towards utilizing machine learning and statistical approaches that require highly trained data scientists who are both expensive and in short supply. Additionally, the accuracy of these approaches is also limited for high spenders who churn out over a period of time rather than due to a specific trigger. More

Behavioral Analytics And Real-Time Campaign Management

Businesses are pressed to turn analytical insights into actions instantly in order to capitalize on market opportunities that may vanish quickly. Our micro trends analytics capabilities empower marketers and business professionals to identify consumer behaviors that can be monetized. Our new real time campaign management capabilities allow the marketers to act on the insights across multiple channels instantly to drive customer engagement and revenues. More


Using Micro Trend Analytics To Stop Electricity Theft

Electricity theft is becoming a global dilemma, costing power companies around the world about $96 billion a year according to PR Newswire. Not only does this problem cost power companies billions each year, but customers must also deal with higher energy prices to cover the losses caused by energy theft. Learn how micro trends discovery and monitoring can hepl your company stop electricity theft. More


Rapid Monetization Of Government IoT Projects

Each day government organizations face a virtual tsunami of data, which is difficult to manage, analyze and utilize. Emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and trend analysis would make gathering and utilization of data easier. However, the government faces many challenges when it comes to adopting newer technologies. More


AML Quagmire

AML is major initiative for governments, banks, exchanges and other providers of financial services. Trendalyze has applied its unique deep learning, sequence matching, motif search and correlation techniques to extend transaction monitoring to advanced scenarios such as structuring (layering, smurfing) and blockchain networks. More


A Secret To Successful Digital Transformation For Telecom

Micro-Trends Analytics: A Secret to Successful Digital Transformation for Telecom Operators presented at SAMENA Council 2018 Leaders Summit in Dubai. More

Motif Discovery

Why Businesses Should Understand The Language Of Time Series Data?

Time series data is the fastest growing data in the world today. It is being collected in huge volumes by sensors, transactional systems, events logs, video streams, audio recordings, images, and many more sources. Every company has massive volumes of time series data, and, yet, the valuable insights in it stay underutilized. In this paper we discuss why it is important to understand the patterns in time series data, how these patterns have meaning like words, how search techniques can be leveraged to make the discovery of patterns easy and intuitive, and how Trendalyze approach is different from machine learning, and, hence, easier to use by business professionals. More

Scientific Approach Of Visual Motif Discovery

Visual Motif Discovery uses a heuristic search approach that everyone understands. We all use Google and Bing to search for words and phrases in documents and web pages. The analogy for wearables and medical sensors is searching time series data streams which require a visual motif discovery and search. Clinicians and academic researchers are very familiar with charts showing time series (patterns) of vital signs. With visual motif discovery a clinician can see a pattern once and search patients for occurrences elsewhere. More

Deep Learning For Gesture Classification

Breakthrough innovations in robotic technology, imaging and sensing facilitated the design of novel surgical systems. Here we introduce the application of Trendalyze Deep Learning on surgical kinematic data, for the classification of gestures in three fundamental surgical tasks (suturing, needle passing knot tying). More

Why Companies Need Micro Trends Discovery?

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices led to an increase in the amount of time series data collected. This has increased the value of data and analytics; however, most businesses fail to make use of this essential resource because they lack the tools to discover and monetize the micro trends hidden in the time series data. More

Micro Trends Analytics For The Business Decision Maker

Learn why it is important to put micro trends analytics into the right hands, and how business decision makers can use micro trends analytics to discover new opportunities to save costs and increase revenues. More

Micro Trends Analytics For Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) can produce significant savings and yet many companies cannot realize the expected ROI using statistical approaches to analytics and monitoring. Learn how micro trends analytics delivers results by putting self service tools in the hands of the engineers and business professionals who make the decisions. More

Trendalyze And Liverpool Environmental Application Framework

Learn how to leverage analysis of climate data from world-class University of Liverpool experts and how to shorten time to market with pre-built analytics and environmental models. More

Trendalyze Achieves 97% Accuracy For Predictive Maintenance

The two key problems in implementing predictive modeling for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) are its cost and the accuracy of the results. Traditional machine learning and statistical approaches require highly trained data scientists who are both expensive and in short supply.

Imagine that the engineers responsible for maintenance could conduct the analysis themselves. Imagine that they do not need any historical data but instead they can use any suspicious pattern they detect to track and recover other equipment. Imagine that can be done with over 90% accuracy. More

Unlock The Value Of Time Series Data