1 07, 2018

Putting Micro Trend Analysis into the Right Hands

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The Problem with Current Trends Analytics

These days, businesses face a sheer amount of data—data that they generate. It’s difficult for anyone, including a data scientist, to sift through all the data to find micro trends within the data.

Micro trends are beneficial to a business’ bottom line if they can be found and monetized. The current methods used to analyze data trends are expensive and time-consuming. In addition, current methods don’t offer the results and accuracy needed to find and identify patterns within the data. This is the key issue with current data analyzing trends.

The Trendalyze Solution

Trendalyze was created to solve these problems. The platform is built to operate like Google; rather than searching for words, Trendalyze searches for patterns/sequencs/motifs within time series data. Just like Google can find similar web pages within trillions of webpages, the platform can pull similar patterns from billions of trend lines for analysis.

The ability to pull these trend lines helps business analysts, engineers and others to spot a costly or profitable trend.

Trendalyze Benefits

The Trendalyze platform can benefit a business in several ways:

  • Lower costs: finds problems as they happen, making it easier to find a solution sooner, rather than later
  • Increase profitability: searching for microtrends to find opportunities for new growth and monetization
  • Set up forecasting and monitoring: get alerts for trend shifts to monetize real-time data

Trendalyze takes the pain out of analyzing micro data trends. We offer highly specialized interactive visualization and search functions to pinpoint micro trends in time-series data with just a few clicks. Our program unlocks the value of time patterns, helping your company find new revenue streams and increase profitability.

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20 05, 2018

Micro-Trends Analytics: A Secret to Successful Digital Transformation for Telecom Operators

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I recently attended the SAMENA Council Leaders Summit in Dubai to discuss the topic of Micro-Trends Analytics: A Secret to Successful Digital Transformation for Telecom Operators

The PDF copy of SAMENA Trends article is attached here and also a link to the LinkedIn blog post

Trendalyze Article – SAMENA Trends – April 2018 – Final

24 01, 2018

Reading recommendation: Survey on time series motif discovery

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A great article by SAHAR TORKAMANI and VOLKER LOHWEG  on the topic of motif discovery. Here is the abstract:

“Last decades witness a huge growth in medical applications, genetic analysis, and in performance of manufacturing technologies and automatised production systems. A challenging task is to identify and diagnose the behavior of such systems, which aim to produce a product with desired quality. In order to control the state of the systems, various information is gathered from different types of sensors (optical, acoustic, chemical, electric, and thermal). Time series data are a set of real‐valued variables obtained chronologically. Data mining and machine learning help derive meaningful knowledge from time series. Such tasks include clustering, classification, anomaly detection and motif discovery. Motif discovery attempts to find meaningful, new, and unknown knowledge from data. Detection of motifs in a time series is beneficial for, e.g., discovery of rules or specific events in a signal. Motifs provide useful information for the user in order to model or analyze the data. Motif discovery is applied to various areas as telecommunication, medicine, web, motion‐capture, and sensor networks. This contribution provides a review of the existing publications in time series motif discovery along with advantages and disadvantages of existing approaches. Moreover, the research issues and missing points in this field are highlighted. The main objective of this focus article is to serve as a glossary for researchers in this field. WIREs Data Mining Knowl Discov 2017, 7:e1199. doi: 10.1002/widm.1199″

28 12, 2017

O’Reilly Predictions for 2018

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O’Reilly’s post  “What lies ahead for data in 2018”   cleary states the importance of time-series analytics.

Here is the full quote about the #1 trend:

1. New tools will make graphs and time series easier, leading to new use cases.

Graphs and time series have been a crucial part of the explosion in big data. 2018 will see the emergence of a new generation of tools for storing and analyzing graphs and time series at large scale. These new analytic and visualization tools will help product groups devise new offerings, especially for use cases in security and fraud detection
19 10, 2017

Trendalyze available on the Azure platform

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Trendalyze is generally available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform distributed as a Virtual Machine Image  (Ubuntu) and Docker container for Azure Container Services.

Integration has been provided for a number of the Azure services including:

  • Azure BLOB Storage using WASB
  • Azure Data Lake Store
  • Azure HD Insights
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Power BI

The support for Azure is in addition to the support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform where the implementation supports Ubuntu Amazon Machine Image (AMI) distribution and Docker container for EC2 Container Services (ECS).

8 10, 2017

How patterns analytics can grow your business?

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This is a nice blog post about “Three Ways Pattern Analytics Will Grow Your Business”. The article explains in a straightforward way what pattern analytics is and why it can be difficult to implement. Because the data is typically big and contains many variables, you will need some tools that automate the pattern discovery. By the way this is what Trendalyze provides.

According to the blog, the first way to grow the business is trough sensor analytics. The analysis of granular data will help you “find anomalies, commonalities and trends that reveal insights that otherwise would remain unnoticed”.  You can use these insights to optimize operations and manage maintenance.  The second way is to use pattern analysis to fortify your company against cyber attacks. Since all intrusion occurs in a sequential manner, pattern analytics allow you to catch any new ways of infiltrating your systems. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, pattern analytics can help you grow sales. As the authors point out: “Pattern analytics on customer and sales data can therefore indicate market trends, customer interests, latent needs and reveal future sales trends. In addition, pattern analytics can show the top selling items based on geography and interest and news happening around the world.”

We will be interested to hear your stories about how pattern analytics improved your business.

16 03, 2017

Trendalyze and UCL get a C2N award to develop advanced analytic solutions for computer assisted surgery

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MedCity @MedCityHQ is a collaboration between the Mayor of London and London’s three Academic Health Science Centres – Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre, King’s Health Partners, and UCL Partners. Launched in April 2014 to promote and grow the world-leading life sciences cluster of England’s greater south east, it is promoting life sciences investment, entrepreneurship and industry in the region.

Collaborate to Innovate @C2N_ERDF is an exciting MedCity project in the broad life sciences domain which launched in 2016, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project aims to promote knowledge transfer and commercialisation of innovations. C2N targets London based SMEs that have ambitions to embark on innovative projects in the applied research/clinical domain, or wish to bring new products and services to market.

Trendalyze and UCL have been successful in a C2N award to develop analytics solutions based on advanced data science and deep learning for computer assisted surgery.

Image-guided surgery (IGS) has the potential to enhance the localisation and navigation capabilities of the surgeon during Minimal Access Surgery (MAS). To address the significant challenge of deploying such a system in clinical practice it is important to understand its use in training scenarios with two key research goals:

  • To test the computing algorithms for IGS in a manageable training environment and understand the workflow needs and trend changes in motion patterns for robotic radical prostatectomy;
  • To understand how guidance information influences surgical performance and if it can potentially be used for developing advanced instrument-tissue motion modelling and skill evaluation.

This project will have potential for several potential exploitation opportunities in the IGS and broader computer assisted surgery (CAS) markets:

  • Added value to surgical robotics companies who can use the analytical platform and research to guide their system by Trendalyze;
  • Added value to medical device manufacturers by demonstrating skills changes with new devices in a new analytics product by Trendalyze, designed for bespoke analysis and deep learning on instrument motion data gathered from different sources (robots, optical trackers, sensors);
  • New products can come from IGS work (and the broader CAS) as well as from the time series analysis and deep learning that exploit the workflow information to highlight parameters automatically at the right point of care. Such new analytics products can accelerate clinical innovation time to market and improve quality.
12 04, 2016

Time Series Data Generated by IoT By @Trendalyze | @ThingsExpo #IoT

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We will be speaking at IoT conference ThingsExpo  in New York City. June 6-8.

Analytics for Motif Discovery and Deep Learning in Time Series Data Generated by IoT

IoT generates lots of temporal data. But how do you unlock its value? You need to discover patterns that are repeatable in vast quantities of data, understand their meaning, and implement scalable monitoring across multiple data streams in order to monetize the discoveries and insights. Motif discovery and deep learning platforms are emerging to visualize sensor data, to search for patterns and to build application that can monitor real time streams efficiently.

In his session at @ThingsExpo, Dave Watson, CTO and Co-Founder of Trendalyze, will discuss real world IoT projects from UK environmental monitoring using Mosquitto, Node-RED, Kafka, Spark, MLlib and R.

Speaker Bio
Dave Watson is CTO and Co-Founder of Trendalyze and works on developing the database search and analytics platform for various IoT projects. He holds number of UK and US patents and has led engineering in database middleware, OLAP and time series databases in the past.

Speaking Experience: Speaker at number industry events including NoSQL Now, MongoDB Europe, Gartner, IDC, TDWI, VLDB, DB/EXPO, Google, Bearingpoint, Fujitsu and IBM/Informix user groups. Holds first class honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Bristol. Holds patents in UK and USA.