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Dave Watson

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Watson is a Co-Founder of Trendalyze, who holds a number of UK and US patents and has led engineering in database middleware, OLAP and time series databases.
Dave held executive and development management positions with Informix Software (IBM), ASK Group/Ingres (CA/Actian) and iWay Software. Under his leadership, his team delivered OEM software for IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, BEA and PeopleSoft. Furthermore, he has delivered large scale time series databases and bond portfolio analytics projects for investment banks in London and Wall Street. Lastly, he has delivered solutions in healthcare globally for NHS, APHP and VA.
He speaks at number industry events including IoT Things Expo, NoSQL Now, MongoDB Europe, Gartner, IDC, TDWI, VLDB, DB/EXPO, Google, Bearingpoint, Fujitsu and IBM/Informix user groups. Dave holds first class honors degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Bristol.