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Today’s economics is about extracting value from data and generating new revenue streams from data driven business models and products. Here is how it works and how Trendalyze enables it:


Visual Micro Trends Exploration: Engineers monitoring equipment performance, physicians examining patient electrical bio-signals (EEG, ECG, etc.); marketers studying consumer behaviors; financial specialists looking for market trends; all of these professionals know immediately if a trend is important and requires action or further investigation. The challenge they all have is how to quickly identify the interesting micro trends in the vast amount of data. Trendalyze offers highly specialized interactive visualizations and search functions to pinpoint micro trends in time-series data with just a few clicks.

Micro Trends Search: Google invented word search to help people navigate and find relevant information within billions of web pages. Trendalyze pioneered micro trends search to enable professionals to understand and control the trillions of smart devices and sensors that collect very granular time-series data on processes, machines, human behaviors and conditions, retail and banking transactions, environmental conditions, smart cities, and many more. Micro trends search makes it possible to identify cases and learn quickly which patterns lead to outcomes that we want to control.

Monitoring and Alerts: Micro trends reveal patterns in the data that lead to specific outcomes that professionals want to manage in order to save costs, prevent undesirable events, or profit from shifts in trends. Our users can select micro trends of interest and configure real-time monitoring dashboards and alerts in order to take pro-active actions. Many real life situations are complex and require multi-sensor monitoring. In these cases, professionals can set up and monitor for correlated trends and receive alerts when all of the monitored micro trends co-occur.

Platform Strengths: Granular analytics and search gives professionals incredible power to research and manage outcomes. A physician can spot a unique data pattern in an individual patient data. An engineer can discover a particular machine failure pattern in an oil refinery. Search scales the “eye” of the professional to discern and watch for similar cases among thousands of patients and millions of sensors. Trendalyze gives you scale and an effortless way to go from analysis to a monitoring application to monetize your time series data.



Analytics for Demand Management

Trendalyze micro trends analytics empowers business users to achieve highly accurate price sensitivity estimates, promotion optimization, and demand forecasting.


Packaging Optimization

With Trendalyze engineers can optimize fresh food packaging for energy savings using climate and IoT data.


Robotic Surgery Optimization

Engineers and researchers are using Trendayze to perform surgical robotics data analytics for image guided surgery optimization.


Climate Based Optimization

Leveraging detailed climate data for micro trends analysis and deep learning to optimize prices and forecast demand.


Maintenance and Asset Management

Analysis and monitoring of micro trends in climate and IoT data for predictive maintenance and asset utilization.


Empower Self-Service Research

Trendalyze provides highly interactive self-service tools for engineers to visualize and analyze equipment and sensor data.


Transaction Activity Monitoring

Trendalyze innovative analytics approach to AML transaction monitoring and card processing fees monitoring reduces false positives and settlement errors.


ARPU Optimization

Micro trends search, analysis, and monitoring allows for reliable subscriber attrition prediction and ARPU optimization.


Attrition Prediction

Trendalyze new approach makes it possible to accurately detect player attrition and revenue decline where traditional statistical approaches have failed due to high behavioral variability.