We bring IoT analytics to the masses and empower them to search and analyze IoT data without any statistical training. Our heuristic search approach does not require statistical modeling to find and monitor for patterns. As a result, we cut the cost and time to implement predictive analytics.

We search and monitor for unique, individual patterns to reduce false positive alarms so prevalent in current solutions. Real life data is highly dynamic and variable, making it hard to accumulate statically significant samples. Our approach designed with real life variability in mind helps professionals to do their job better, not distract them.

We have unmatched ability to scale and monitor for motifs across millions of electronic devices collecting data. There is no limit to how many people, devices, and factors you can monitor in real time, giving you unprecedented power to discover valuable patterns and improve outcomes.


Data Visualization: Our platform automatically converts IoT data into graphs, making patterns easier to spot. Intuitive and easy to use, our platform empowers anyone with subject matter expertise to visualize and find interesting patterns.

Pattern discovery and Search Platform: Just as you can search for information using Google, our users can select and search for similar patterns across entire database within seconds. Having aggregated all relevant information across any time point and any device, our user can deduce root causes of outcome and predict its future occurrences.

Pattern Monitoring and Alert system: Our user selects pattern of interest for continuous monitoring. Our system alerts designated professionals whenever these patterns are detected so they can strategize in advance to achieve desired outcome.

Collaboration Portal: Users across departments and industries can share and explore time pattern discoveries. Our portal enables millions of professionals to find applicable insights shared by our network of users, and empower them to find comprehensive solutions to their use cases.



Understand sensor data to predict and prevent machine failures.

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Monitor millions of wearables in different patients to predict undesirable health outcomes.

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Find patterns in weather data to improve environmental outcomes.

Download: Environmental Monitoring Use Case


Monitor billions of financial transactions to detect and predict fraud and error.

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The challenges we can solve are diverse and endless. Give us your IoT data and we will help you get results!

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Our unique motif discovery and search approach eliminates main disadvantages of traditional solutions that require hard to find data scientists and large historical data samples to train predictive models for outcomes management:

We reduce the implementation cost and time that has been deterring many enterprises from investing in IoT analytics and monitoring.

We reduce the number of costly false alarms that ultimately get ignored by professionals, making the system useless and the investment worthless.