Putting Micro Trend Analysis into the Right Hands

The Problem with Current Trends Analytics

These days, businesses face a sheer amount of data—data that they generate. It’s difficult for anyone, including a data scientist, to sift through all the data to find micro trends within the data.

Micro trends are beneficial to a business’ bottom line if they can be found and monetized. The current methods used to analyze data trends are expensive and time-consuming. In addition, current methods don’t offer the results and accuracy needed to find and identify patterns within the data. This is the key issue with current data analyzing trends.

The Trendalyze Solution

Trendalyze was created to solve these problems. The platform is built to operate like Google; rather than searching for words, Trendalyze searches for patterns/sequencs/motifs within time series data. Just like Google can find similar web pages within trillions of webpages, the platform can pull similar patterns from billions of trend lines for analysis.

The ability to pull these trend lines helps business analysts, engineers and others to spot a costly or profitable trend.

Trendalyze Benefits

The Trendalyze platform can benefit a business in several ways:

  • Lower costs: finds problems as they happen, making it easier to find a solution sooner, rather than later
  • Increase profitability: searching for microtrends to find opportunities for new growth and monetization
  • Set up forecasting and monitoring: get alerts for trend shifts to monetize real-time data

Trendalyze takes the pain out of analyzing micro data trends. We offer highly specialized interactive visualization and search functions to pinpoint micro trends in time-series data with just a few clicks. Our program unlocks the value of time patterns, helping your company find new revenue streams and increase profitability.

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