European Union Future Internet – FIWARE

We are pleased to announce that Trendalyze Decisions Ltd is participating in the European Union Future Internet programme known as FIWARE.


FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale not seen before. FIWARE API specifications are public and royalty-free, driven by the development of an open source reference implementation which accelerates the availability of commercial products and services based on FIWARE technologies. The FICHe programme selected a number of European small and mid-sized enterprises and startups to develop innovative applications in the eHealth domain using FIWARE technology.


Our work leverages and expands the FIWARE generic enablers for Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). We are also working with FIWARE team to establish London based secure nodes which can conform with UK National Health Service (NHS) information governance and cloud computing standards available to the broader UK public sector through the G-Cloud framework.

The Trendalyze Decisions platform enables IoT search and match based on patterns and trends in the data generated by sensors, wearables and other devices. Within health and social care there are many applications including patient monitoring.